joona hi, i'm joona blog

17 year old finnish student who doesnt know what to do with his life

im not definitely not the best programmer, but i dabble

i mostly keep to myself and lurk discord channels

python python

javascript javascript



some cool projects



allows you to embed tiktok slideshows inside discord



The cutest Discord client mod

you can also find more cool projects from my github stars

working on

on and off working on a paste bin, which might never be finished

fixing bugs and stuff on the aforementioned slideshow-embed

more on slideshow-embed

The project has a go and python side which is kinda horror. The python side is what actually collages the photos into a single image. I tried doing this in go, but it came out to be slower than the python version, which is kinda funny.

recently (march / april) tiktok has been limiting their api access, which is sad.


vscode with Horizon Theme Zomatree

Windows Terminal

i have a cat

games and music are fun too